The Bouchard Museum was able to provide more than 1,000 information index cards about the sculptor's work.
You can consult the index cards and work files at the Art and Industry museum, André Diligent-La Piscine in Roubaix.
You can see below an example of one of these files.


Detail of the group of Apollo H: 6.5 m, also called : The muses of music and comedy 1936
Group, original master-cast, plaster waste mould,
H : 2,35 m, W : 0.90 m, D : 0.45 m
History : original conserved by the State until 1982
1982 Paris, Bouchard Museum, inventory HB 88-18.



Apollo H: 6.5 m, original master-cast in the sculptor's studio.
(1936, commissioned by the State for the terrace of the "Palais de Chaillot" in Paris).


Detail of the group of "Apollo" in bronze

Detail of the group of Apollo in bronze. Group in bronze n° 1/8, Foundry of "La Plaine" (1991),
H: 2.35 m - W: 0.90 m - D: 0.45 m, signed H. Bouchard below in front, undated, depot of the Bouchard Museum : D 91-52



Modelled directly to their definitive size, they were reduced for "La comédie", H 1.05 m.

Bouchard Museum file : G 141
Up-dated : 30.6.1998 (c) Bouchard Museum, Paris.
In relation to :
"La comédie" at the Bouchard Museum, reduced from original and cast in bronze with some modifications.
reduction : H 1.05 m.

Bouchard Museum archives : correspondence HB at Cointet n° 161, 31 July 1936

Principal exhibitions:
1938, Bienniale of Venice (reduction H 1.05 m)

1991, Paris, Pierre Dumonteil Gallery,
Henri Bouchard, 23 May-30 June 1991, (H 2,35 m).

1992, Saint-Rémy-Les-Chevreuse,
Garden of bronzes of the Coubertin foundation
16 September-15 November 1992
(H 2,35 m).

1998-99, Boulogne Billancourt
Loaned to the Museum of the 1930's (H 2,35 m).

Flammarion, Paris, 1937,
p. 23 ill.

Bouchard François, Bouchard Marie,
Le Normand-Romain Antoinette,
Paris, Association of the friends of Henri Bouchard 1995,
p. 55 ill.

Détail du groupe d'Apollon en bronze.
Détail du groupe d'Apollon en bronze.
Détail du groupe d'Apollon en bronze.