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This site is dedicated to the sculptor Henri Bouchard and his work. It is the result of 45 years of effort by the sculptor's son and daughter-in-law.
The workshop at 25 rue de l'Yvette in Paris was built by the sculptor himself in 1924. It facilitated a thousand pieces being housed and on display to the public, in the place they were created, from 1962 until 2007.
Today La Piscine museum is preparing an extension which will include the restoration of Henri Bouchard's parisian workshop.

The collection has been transferred to the André Diligent - La Piscine art and industry museum, in Roubaix.

The sculptor Henri Bouchard produced over a thousand different works. He retained bronze casts, stone sculptures and many original plaster works; these remained in his studio after his death.

This large collection was safeguarded and examined by his family, until, in 1984, it was given to the association of the Friends of Henri Bouchard, whose aim was to conserve and publicise the sculptor's work.

His studio was open to the public from 1962 to 2007 and was officially listed as a Musée de France by the French Ministry of Culture. Its expansion, due to regular temporary exhibitions, reflects a renewed interest in figurative scupture.

It was definitly closed on 2007 march the 14th and its collections were moved to the museum "la Piscine" in Roubaix, in the north of France.
They will be exhibited again there.