Exhibition in the sculptor's studio

15 october 2003 – 15 september 2004


Women are frequently depicted in the work of Henri Bouchard (1875-1960), illustrating his respect for them through his observation of their true being and in their roles in everyday life.
In a very reserved manner, the artist simply draws attention to the subject by underlining a characteristic attitude at a specific moment.
He sought the life in each, without judgement, and closely observed women around him.
Thus, women were a subject for him throughout his life.

Nude with a necklace, 1930
Nude with a necklace, 1930

Architects often team up with sculptors who suit their style.
George Wybo, (1880-1943) for example, chose Bouchard to create the décor of the façade of the Printemps shop, of the George V hotel, the Three Graces for the 1925 exhibition and the trophy for the Citroën Africa Rally.
Henri Rapin, (1873-1939) chose him to decorate the Ambassador's room at the 1925 exhibition and the Nude with a Necklace to present a swimming pool at the 1930 Decorative Artists' exhibition, and in a totally different sphere for the memorial monument to the school masters of the Seine et Oise area at Versailles.

This exhibition can be viewed for the images of women going about their everyday life; or simply evoked for their grace and their charms, and it offers an insight into the stylistic evolution of the artist.
Women are particularly well represented in the austere and stylised art of the inter war period.